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As for me, i'm going to be MORE active in DA, as i've realized i'm not quite active yet..
therefore, i'll be more active, by doing more drawings and colouring...
i'll improve myself so that i manage to be at the same level with my friends, especially
ikhwan-p3.. man, he's a very tough competitor, and at the same time he's my teacher...
well it's not bad to have inspiration right? So, i'll do my best to be the best..

what yours?
First day --
It's a kind of a sad day, which is then turn to happy day.. Maybe because i still miss Ramadhan, which i miss a lot of opportunities to do deeds in the month full with barakah.. Well, that's before i start to eat at my grandmother's house. She cooked (after it's been long time)and she's still got the skill.. i like her cooking very much, and at that moment, i'm really grateful to Allah for providing Syawal. If not, maybe i won't get to eat her cooking again, and we never know how long our lives are..

Then, things are getting better.. i never expect, for i'm 19 years old, to get 'duit raya'.. i'm old enough, as some use it as an excuse for not giving it to me, but there are others who are very kind and generous.. wish them happy lives always.. and it's not just in a small amount, if not mistaken, i've collected almost one hundred.. that's pretty much you know.. haha.. and i'm not saying i'm not happy anymore.. plus, there's this girl who is my special friend, came to my house on the first day.. well, she's going somewhere far, and choosing my house as a first-day-of-Eid-visited-place, only Allah knows how happy i am.. haha

Second day --
It's a bit different from the first day.. It started with a very happy day.. i woke up not so early that day, and i have an arrangement with my friend, to meet my other friend.. So, i prepared myself quickly, then told my father that i was going to visit my friend.. and he said ok (quite easy, thank God).. So, without wasting time, i went and it is the first time in my life i visiting a friend of mine's place.. at first we only plan to go to ONLY one house. but then we've decided to go friends near the place. so, we've ended up going around six to seven houses(it's tiring.. but still enjoyable).. but before going to the last house, a tragedy happened.. my car's tire suddenly exploded, in the middle of the road, while i was NOT MOVING?? i know it sounded weird, but it's thr truth and it's kind of weird.. luckily i've my friends, and they helped me changing the tire.. we go to the next house, and it's nearly night.. finally, i sent all my friends home, and ended up going outside of my house for twelve hours...